Write for us!

3 Oct

Don’t forget we’re looking for submissions on all kinds of food topics. Our writer’s guidelines are here:

Pan Magazine is an online journal of food-related articles written for Canadians and anyone else who loves food.

We are interested in articles about good food, interesting people and places related to food, and things that have a good story behind them, from a kitchen gadget to a recipe. Our interest is in the experience of food, from the moment a seed is planted in the ground to the second that tomato goes in your mouth.

We are looking for stories infused with passion and that envelop the reader. While we will accept reviews and other “standard” food magazine fare for our blog, we are striving to bring the personal essay back to the magazine.

There should always be a person attached to each story. This can be personal to the writer, or it can tell someone else’s story.

Articles can be 150 words or more. There is no maximum, though most of the articles we publish will be on the shorter end of the spectrum. They will fall into the following sections:

More specifically, we’re looking for:

Chronology: This is the history of something like Swiss Chard or Julia Child or Kensington Market.

Place: A profile on a place, which can mean town, country, restaurant, anything that connotes place – Restaurants, farmer’s markets, yes, but also unusual places where something interesting around food is happening, like little towns with something cool where some unusual food product is being made.

Ingredient: This is a profile about one item – say Fennel. And it can be anything about this one thing. Anything, as long as it engages us.

Dish: Say you have a thing for Eggs Benedict or Chicken Cacciatore or you want to write about Baked Alaska – It would go under this category.

Folk: This is about a person or persons in the food business. This can be anyone from the waiter at the Swan to the guy that picked your apples this morning.

Bite: It’s our column by food writer Stephanie Dickison.

Guide: This is where we discuss gadgets, books, recipes, websites and anything else that doesn’t fall into the categories above..

And most of all, Stories: We’re not as interested in reviews and recipes per se, as much as the story behind something. If we do a recipe, where did it come from? If we talk about a restaurant, how did it start? What’s unique about it? What is the human story behind the food story. This can take the form of a personal history, an interview or anything else that tells the story. We therefore prefer a narrative form of writing to a journalistic one, but we’re open to reading anything.

If you’re idea doesn’t fall into the categories above, don’t fret. We are also going to have ongoing blog entries, so if you have a piece or an idea for an article that doesn’t fit into any of these sections, please query Editor Stephanie Dickison at stephanie@panmagazine.ca. We are always looking for interesting work.

Our reward for writing is sharing our love of food. This a site we are doing for fun, so there is no payment involved at this time. The good news is that you retain full rights to your piece, and that we will even consider pre-published work – but please let us know if what you’re submitting has been published somewhere else.

To submit articles, please send them to stephanie@panmagazine.ca and include your name, e-mail address and telephone number. E-mail submissions only, please.


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