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Surprising Savings at the St. Lawrence Market

13 Dec

By Stephanie Dickison

I am of the belief that the Market can be pretty pricey. Although my Dad and I go just about every Saturday, we like to shop downstairs at Domino’s and rarely spend more than a few dollars.

But all the stuff that I really like is usually a good chunk of change. Now you’re getting amazing product for your money, so don’t think I’m complaining. It’s just I can’t afford to grocery shop there.

Until last Saturday.

I don’t know what made everything so inexpensive, but check out what I got:

From the Farmer’s Market

1 pint of yellow beans – $1.00
1 pint of brussel sprouts – $0.50
1 pint of snow peas – $1.00
1 romaine lettuce – $1.00
1 absurdly huge kale – $1.00

From the Other Side

2 “Weekend” Organic Sprout Salads – $5.00 (in total)
6 fresh smelt – $1.34
1 chipotle mayonnaise – $1.99
1 fresh salmon steak enough for 3 – $12.63

Other than the salmon, it was crazy cheap!

Total = $25.46
Experience = priceless

Steam Whistle Rocks All Year Round!

13 Dec

By Stephanie Dickison

I recently had the opportunity to try the Steam Whistle Holiday Pack, which is not only filled with your favourite 12 bottles of beer, but comes in a convient box with handle that you pull up from within (great design, fellas!) and a handy gift tag label should your box be for someone else (What a good friend you are!).

You know, this holiday season, we’re all lugging bottles of wine back and forth to various dinner and office parties, but don’t you find yourself wishing for a clean, refreshing beer at these functions? From now on, I’m only heading out with the Steam Whistle holiday pack.

It just makes sense.

(this is not a paid advertisement, just my opinion)