Surprising Savings at the St. Lawrence Market

13 Dec

By Stephanie Dickison

I am of the belief that the Market can be pretty pricey. Although my Dad and I go just about every Saturday, we like to shop downstairs at Domino’s and rarely spend more than a few dollars.

But all the stuff that I really like is usually a good chunk of change. Now you’re getting amazing product for your money, so don’t think I’m complaining. It’s just I can’t afford to grocery shop there.

Until last Saturday.

I don’t know what made everything so inexpensive, but check out what I got:

From the Farmer’s Market

1 pint of yellow beans – $1.00
1 pint of brussel sprouts – $0.50
1 pint of snow peas – $1.00
1 romaine lettuce – $1.00
1 absurdly huge kale – $1.00

From the Other Side

2 “Weekend” Organic Sprout Salads – $5.00 (in total)
6 fresh smelt – $1.34
1 chipotle mayonnaise – $1.99
1 fresh salmon steak enough for 3 – $12.63

Other than the salmon, it was crazy cheap!

Total = $25.46
Experience = priceless

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