You Are What You Eat

29 May

By Stephanie Dickison

What you carry in your wallet can reveal a lot about your personality. Dipping into a friends medicine cabinet can tell you how high (or low) maintenance a person they are. Whether they are addicted to nasal spray or a mental flosser is immediately apparent. But nothing unveils a person’s true inner beast like a look into their fridge.

Like a litmus test, your fridge reveals parts of you heretofore previously unknown. Your penchant for dark chocolate late into the night or lactose intolerance is laid bare, but only for the owners of said fridge. It is rare that anyone else ever gets a glimpse.

That is, until now.

I decided that it was time to take the gloves off and really look at what people have on hand at a moments notice, with no chance to tidy or shop for more ingredients. What I found is astonishing.

Most people have crammed theirs full of stuff, but this does not immediately translate to being a home chef. And some of the sparsest fridges are the ones that are used the most – the owners use what they have on hand before stuffing it full with jars, bottles and bags of stuff.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote in An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life that she didn’t like the feeling that came with having just grocery shopped. She found it overwhelming and doesn’t completely relax until the family has had a chance to work through some of the items.

I can understand that. Because I like to do a big shop and then pick up odds and ends when needed, my fridge is either bursting with possibility and goodness or else 6 kinds of mustard and a forlorn little pear stare back at me.

So I asked people to send in pictures of their fridges – no retouching or rearranging allowed. I have also submitted a picture of my own fridge for your ridicule and judgment. Enjoy. (Click on pictures to enlarge them)

Just one thing – you have to match the picture with the person’s profession. Good luck. The answers will follow in a later entry.

A) A retired couple

B) Two writers

C) A senior computer technologist for a bank

D) An artist and her family

E) A television producer and actor/comedian


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