Book Review – The Art of Scottish-American Cooking

19 Jun

The Art of Scottish-American Cooking
Kay Shaw Nelson
Pelican Publishing Company

298 pages

By Stephanie Dickison

Although this cookbook doesn’t contain any pictures, you will have a little Scottish grandmother in your mind before getting to page 10.

Comfort foods that have fed many generations can now make their way onto your table.

And although you might not know what Rumbledthumps are (essentially potatoes, cabbage and cheese), it might be just the thing that changes the way you cook and eat.

A lot of the recipes here are full of hearty ingredients like oats, potatoes, meats and seafood and in a world where light and diet ingredients have taken over our lives, it’s kind of fun to think about heavier, heartier dishes.

I had a great great grandmother who was Scottish but she died well before I was born. I am hoping that by embracing some of Scotland’s traditional dishes, I can carry on the family tradition.

And plus, how much fun will it be at my next dinner party to announce that the next course will be Rumbledthumps?


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