1 Jun

By Stephanie Dickison

Lately I have noticed that food is constantly changing and not always for the better.

Chocolate bars are constantly evolving. Coffee Crisp, a perfectly good treat on its own because it is coffee flavoured, now comes in peanut butter, mocha, vanilla and caramel flavours, to name but a few. There are singles and snack packs and “family size” bars, though I doubt these monsters ever make it to more than one family member. If you want something with caramel, get a Mr. Big. If you want peanut butter, Reese Peanut Butter cups with satiate your peanut-y craving.

But there are some great new products. Like the President’s Choice Blue Menu line. I love their 100% whole wheat spaghetti, spicy flax tortilla chips and ginger-glazed salmon frozen entrée with a cooked rice and barley mixture (water, brown rice, black barley, daikon radish seeds). Mmm. So healthy and tasty. Eating well doesn’t mean wet tissue and cardboard tastes anymore, thanks to innovative and well-developed products such as these.

And I can talk about grocery products at length because I buy and use them everyday. But then there are new items that are really stretching the boundaries, especially when it comes to their colours.

Recently, I got to try Pinky Vodka, a new pink vodka that is making the rounds in Hollywood. It comes in a long, tall bottle that reminds me of a stretched Chanel No. 5 and has that Goth font that makes it seem both punk and post-modern all at once. The vodka is a blushing pink and a friend of mine trying it said it “smelled” pink and he’s right. According to the company, “Pinky owes its stunning “pink” taste to a bouquet of violets, rose petals, wild strawberries and other botanicals hand-blended into the vodka after distillation for maximum flavor.”

What I like about it is that when you think of vodka, you think of a clear liquid and here is a company that has changed that just by changing the colour.

I also got to try Hpnotiq, a new liquor that is a blend of premium vodka fine cognac and natural tropical fruit juices that is great on ice and to my mind, make it a great option for both summer and winter drinks. It is bright blue, which is a little disconcerting to some at first, but for me, it reminds me of the ocean, so it has only a calming effect.

And it is not just liquors that are changing it up. Even the chocolate world has seen a reframing of sorts in the last couple of years. Dark chocolate finally got its dues and the sugary sweet world of confectionary embraced new flavours, textures and even welcomes savory to the palate, building upon a whole new level for dessert and pastry chefs to play around in.

Kakayo truffles are not only handmade with organic, fair-trade cocao from Dominican Republic family farms, but come in such needed flavours such as Chai Masala and Hot Tamale, proving that chocolate does not have to have caramel in it to be hot. They also have naughty names like Raspberry Nipple and Trailer Park truffle, which I guarantee you will never see on a Cadbury bar.

I am all for new colours, flavours and textures. I think that this small sampling of products shows that we are a cosmopolitan world and we should act as such.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t a petal pink or sea blue cosmopolitan be fun? I’m on my way to find out…


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