Friday 5 – Top 5 Fun Food Words to Say

27 Jun

By Stephanie Dickison

Muffaletta – A fantastic sandwich that everyone should have at least once… a week.

Andouille – An incredible sausage that can be used in many different ways. My favourite? The stuffing that goes with turducken, of course.

Étouffée –Definition: A spicy and delicious Cajun stew traditionally made with crawfish, vegetables and a dark roux. Étouffée is usually served over rice. The word comes from the French étouffer, which means to smother. Pronunciation: ay-too-FAY. Result: Dee-li-cious!

Jamabalaya – It turns out that there’s many different versions. I like the shrimp and sausage combos the best.

Smorgasbord – so much fun to say and also a tall bookcase at IKEA. Just kidding about the bookcase!


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