Friday 5 – Hot Dog!

29 Aug

By Chris Garbutt

As summertime comes to a close, let’s get back to an old summer classic — the hot dog.

1. What the heck is a half-smoke? Looks like a chili dog to me, but it looks different from anything I’ve tried. Find out the history of this Washington, D.C. favourite here. Although, apparently, it’s not really a hot dog at all.

2. For locavore/carnivores in Toronto, here are some local hot dogs.

3. I’ve seen stuff like this before, but it’s still ridiculous.

4. Did you know that the U.S. has a hot dog season? Did you know that during that season – Memorial Day to Labour Day – Americans eat 7 billion hot dogs? Did you know that works out to 818 hot dogs a second?? Now you do.

5. Gourmet hot dogs – you knew it was coming.

Photo by Flickr user jslander used under a creative commons licence. Apparently, slaw on hot dogs is a West Virginia thing. I think Carolinians would beg to differ.

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