Monday Review: Grow Organic

8 Sep

Grow Organic

Made with Care – DK Publishing

By Stephanie Dickison

Organic produce is unbelievably in demand, so why not grow your own?  This book gives you the lowdown on how to get plump, juicy heirloom tomatoes, but also adds in helpful advice to growing organic herbs and plants and even flowers.

I shared this book with my Dad who has a plentiful garden in the backyard.  Full of peppers, onions, herbs and cukes, he was able to implement some of these methods to his ongoing crop and said that he’ll change some of the things he’s doing in the next planting, which I think happens sometime in October.

And even though I was born without a green thumb, I found the instructions easy to follow, the advice incredibly helpful and the layout of the book clean and friendly.  And I’m not even a gardener!  Just imagine how much you’ll get out of it…

The Made with Care line is a “cleaner, greener book,” made with “the most ethical and environmental processes we could source.”


One Response to “Monday Review: Grow Organic”

  1. Herbs September 8, 2008 at 1:51 pm #

    If you can’t buy organic produce you can buy special surfactants intended for washing your fruit and vegetables. Herbs

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