Monday Review: Cool Cuisine

22 Dec


Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming by Laura Stec with Eugene Cordero, PhD  – Gibbs Smith Publisher

By Stephanie Dickison

If you want to step up your involvement in saving our planet when it comes to your food,consider these questions:

  • How far do I travel to buy food and how do I get there?
  • How much food am I buying—will I eat it all?
  • What kind of food am I buying—is it plant based or animal based?
  • Geographically, where is my food coming from?
  • Is my food organic?
  • How processed is my food?
  • What kind of packaging is used for my food?
  • Do I buy too many processed foods that need to be frozen or refrigerated?
  • How am I disposing of the food and packaging waste?

This book is all about getting you to reassess how you are living, how you are buying your food, what you are buying and how you are cooking it.

All of this impacts the earth, so what can you do to change it?

Cool Cuisine gives you the facts and offers ways in which you can change your habits and practices.  It is a really great read on how global warming works thanks to interviews from over 30 scientists, farmers, ranchers and food professionals. It’s like a university course book without all the hard learning and early morning classes!

The book is organized into three sections: the first gives background to global warming- food connections, the second highlights solutions, and the third is a “culinary how-to,” teaching simple techniques and tips for cooking a Cool Cuisine.

This is truly food for thought and since reading it, I have implemented changes in the way I buy food, where I buy it and how I cook it.

When’s the last time a book did that for you?


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