Chew On This: Do You Have Eggs for Dinner?

15 Jan


Opinion # 1 By Chris Garbutt

Don’t you? I guess I can see how people might not think of eggs as anything but breakfast food, but there are a lot of ways to have eggs that go beyond the usual over-easy/sunny-side-up/poached/boiled(breakfast) and sandwiches (lunch).

Now, it’s not usually at the top of my list at home, but it’s great to have them in the house for more than just weekend mornings. Eggs are an excellent choice when you have a bunch of vegetables but no other protein. Just about any fresh vegetables will work in a fritatta. And fritattas are ridiculously easy. You beat a bunch of eggs, throw in some vegetables (you might want to precook things like potatoes and carrots), grate some cheese, add some salt & pepper and pour it into a hot (medium high) nonstick pan. I usually lift the sides to let the liquid bits get cooked, and when it’s mostly set, I turn a plate over the pan, flip it over and slide the fritatta, cooked side down, back into the pan. A few minutes and you’re done! You can also put a lid over the pan to steam the eggs. Or you can stick the pan under the broiler, though I don’t think that’s so good for nonstick and besides my nonstick pans have plastic handles. A fritatta is good straight out of the pan, but if you make extra, it’s great with toast for lunch the next day!

But let’s not forget the value of eggs as an ingredient. When you’re making breaded chicken, eggs are part of the process. Or don’t forget the old standby – egg drop soup!

If you say you’re not eating eggs for dinner, you’re either missing something, or you’re missing out.

Opinion # 2 By Stephanie Dickison

Not unless it’s a quail egg quivering over sushi or a fried egg over my Korean Hot Pot.

I know that eating eggs for dinner is a thing for a lot of people. And I get that. I just don’t do it.

I know a few people that love it and see it as a real treat. Even some of my closest friends will order eggs if we’re out to dinner and they have an all-day breakfast going on.

I am a meat lovin’ gal, so dinner is a time where I get to really get to fulfill my love of cooking and meat. Just last night I was out to dinner with my best friend who said she’d never cooked lamb.


While we don’t eat meat every single night, we eat it for 6 of them. Maybe we’ll have a pasta with veg one night or some fish. Somehow eggs just has never come into the equation.

I think it’s because I grew up having eggs (both my parents loved them) and to me, they were never all that exciting.

I realize now that there is so much that you can do with them, but for me, I’m too enveloped in creating something with beef, chicken, lamb, pork, bison, turkey, ham, etc.

In fact, tonight’s dinner? Stuffed naturally-raised pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes, okra and a mesclun salad topped with roasted red peppers and toasted pumpkin seeds.

An omelette doesn’t even come into the equation.


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