Monday Review: Healthy Sin Foods

9 Nov


Healthy Sin Foods: Decadence Without Guilt by Dr. Joey Shulamn, DC, Nutritionist

Reviewed by Stephanie Dickison

Although almost half the book is filled with recipes, I would not call this a cookbook.

However, I would call it handy.

See, I think that most of us eating and cooking these days are looking for excitement and variety in our meals but don’t necessarily want to give in to fat and calorie-laden ingredients.

So I can see the enticement of this book – show us the goods and tell us how to make ’em better so we don’t miss the stuff that’s bad for us.

And being a nutritionist, Shulman breaks downs what complex carbs, sprouted grains and powerful proteins are so that you first get yourself eating right.  She also gives you a Healthy Sins Food Grocery List that includes dark chocolate chips, avocados and black cod, so you get go off to the grocery store right away and get started to a healthier lifestyle.

Her list of Top 50 Superfoods are great to add to your pantry and introduce into your diet if you haven’t already.I mean, black beans, mangoes, mint, goat cheese, strawberries and olives and olive oil are all wonderful additions, don’t you think?

But as much as I appreciated being reminded of the healthy benefits of items such as cayenne pepper, garlic and cabbage, they don’t really come across to me as all that sinful.  Her recipes did though:

Goat cheese, dill, and asparagus omlette, Banana strawberry split, Crab stuffed mushroom, Sweet martini mashed potatoes, Egg foo young wrap, Creamy lasagna, Beef tenderloin stack, Chocolate berry pudding, and Frozen lemon berry torte.

Now that’s more like it!


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