Pan Magazine – The G20 edition

6 Jun

By Chris Garbutt

So we’ve been retooling the blog a little, and you’ll probably see a few more (minor) changes over the next few weeks. As you saw on Friday, we brought back the Friday 5 – our weekly festival of links that caught our eyes.

For the next few weeks, as our city anticipates the summit of G20 nations, we’ve decided to look at what the people of each of the G20 membership eat. The summit may be costing us a billion in security expenses, but hey, it’s an opportunity for us to take a look at the cultures of 20 different countries – well, 19 plus an economic region, since the European Union is a member – and find out what they like to put on the table.

We look forward to our fanciful trip around the world (in no particular order) as we share what we learn, and we welcome anything you know about each of these countries.

We start tomorrow. Bon appetit!


One Response to “Pan Magazine – The G20 edition”


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