We welcome submissions of all kinds on the topic of food. If you wish to submit or query the editors, please do so at

We are interested in submissions about good food, interesting people and places related to food, and things that have a good story behind them, anything from a kitchen gadget to a recipe. Our interest is in the experience of food, from the moment a seed is planted in the ground to the second that tomato goes in your mouth.

We are most interested in submissions that share a different facet of cooking and eating. Postings are usually brief, though we will consider longer articles that delve deeper into a topic. Sadly, because we don’t generate income from this site, we are unable to offer payment.

If your submission includes an original recipe (or a link to a recipe, or if the recipe is from somewhere else, has appropriate permissions and credits), we’re even more interested.

Please note that we may need to edit submissions for space and style.  Also, please include a short bio when submitting to us.

Try to think about the following categories when submitting:

Place Restaurants, farms, markets, cities, towns and villages that are the source of all we eat.

Ingredient Fruits, vegetables or anything else that goes into the food and drink we love.

Dish The history, meaning, culture, and composition of our favourite recipes.

People Chefs, butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers and family members who have created the way food shapes our lives.

Bites Our take on the world of food.

Books The cookbooks and biographies that give us our best recipes and stories about food.

Drinks Anything drink related including spirits, tea, coffee, wine, accessories and much, much more!

Links Our favourite internet sources on cooking and eating.

Learning The places you can go to improve your cooking and knowledge of food.

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