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Monday Review: Gourmet Smarts

14 Jul

Monday Review

Every Monday, we’ll be reviewing books, cookbooks and products and anything that has to do with food.

We hope you’ll join us in discovering new recipes and ways of cooking, along with gadgets and accessories in order to make our food taste better and perhaps get it to the table a little more quickly.

Monday Review: Gourmet Smarts

By Stephanie Dickison

I love food trivia games, though sadly I usually end up playing them myself.

However, this unintimidating question and answer card game is the perfect way to bring people together, have fun and learn a little about different foods and cultures.

The game is nicely designed and easy to follow. There are 100 question and answer cards in the following four categories:

Lingo – Food terms you’ll find on even the most challenging menus
Ingredients – Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices
Cuisines – Ethnic and regional foods and famous dishes
Wild Card – Tasty morsels of food history and trivia

There is a score pad and companion guide, complete with a pronunciation page (if you think you won’t need it, think again).

There are easy questions and more difficult ones.

My fella played with me to try it out and ended up getting more questions right than I did! A lot of the questions about the history of certain foods and what country first came up with tempura (you’ll have to play the game to find out!) completely stumped me. When it came to ingredients and lingo though, I held my own. Thank goodness. After all, what kind of restaurant critic and food writer would I be if I couldn’t at least tell you about mirepoix and duck breasts?

I think this would be a great after dinner or party game to play with family, friends and neighbours. It is informative, but not so much so that it’s boring (though I wish some of the answers were shorter!) and I think it would be best played while snacking on food, because it sure does make you hungry!