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Monday Review: Fine Waters

11 Aug

Fine Waters: A Conoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Most Distinctive Waters by Michael Mascha

By Stephanie Dickison

Okay, before you go and get all upset about a book about fine waters, just remember that there’s already a ton on beer, wine, coffee, and the like.  Why not a book about water?

I mean, if you’re going to drink water, why not something a little more special than the brands you find at the grocery store next to the microwave popcorn like Cape Grim, Bernina or Llanllyr Source?

This book tells you the brief history of bottled water, flavours, and even on bottled water etiquette – what foods go with still and what ones to pair with effervescent.

And the bang of the book comes with the 100 Bottled Waters, complete with photos of the bottles (some are pretty swank!).  There are tasting notes, much like you’d find in a wine bible, the region it’s from and its contents.

You might think it’s a silly book at first, but I expect that upon a closer look, you’ll be swept away and looking at bottled waters a little differently.