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Friday 5 – Five delicious Newfoundland dishes

11 Jul

By Chris Garbutt

I recently returned from a trip to Newfoundland for a conference. I’ve loved Newfoundland since I first visited in 2004, and have been there several times since. This time, I wish I’d stayed longer. I was so busy at the conference, it almost feels as if I wasn’t there at all.

Still, I had a chance to taste a little of the local cuisine. One night we were provided a feast of traditional Newfoundland foods. How traditional it was I cannot attest, but I can certainly confirm its yumminess.

1. Fish & Brewis – A dish made with salt cod and hard tack – an unleavened bread made with a special winter wheat.

2. Moose Stew – I have to say, while delicious, it tasted a lot like beef stew to me. Perhaps a slight bit gamier but not much.

3. Partridgeberry/Blueberry Jam from Auntie Crae’s – Some go shopping for clothes when they travel. I go shopping for food. And in St. John’s, my first stop is Auntie Crae’s Specialty Foods. Partridgeberry brings the tart and blueberry brings the sweet for this perfect jam. Others go for the more exotic tasting bakeapple, aka the cloudberry, but the taste is a bit too earthy for me.

4. Blueberry Buckle with caramel sauce – Basically a cake with whole blueberries in it, I couldn’t believe how much better it was with a caramel sauce on it.

5. Toutons with blueberry sauce – Toutons are classic Newfoundland, a dense, flat fried bread. But I’d only ever had them as a toast replacement with a breakfast of bacon and eggs. What a revelation that they could be dessert! More on toutons:

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