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Friday 5 – Lists of Weird Food

18 Jul

by Stephanie Dickison

As a restaurant critic, I get to eat a lot of weird stuff, but nothing as crazy as some of the items listed here.  I thought maybe it would neat to look at what people in different parts of the world eat and what they consider to be normal…

1. Weird-Food.com – Weird food mecca with stuff from around the world that will blow your mind!

2. Weird Meat Master List – Do not read this if you love animals, are a vegetarian or are susceptible to a queasy tummy.

3. Weird Household Uses for Food – Look! You can find anything thanks to the internet…

4. Weird Food T-Shirts – Show your love of Fugu or Lutefisk.

5. Japanese Weird Food – no one does weird food like the Japanese….