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Friday 5 – Squash

19 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

Stephanie and I liked the Fall Foods 5 post so much, I thought I’d offer some more, with a focus on squash. It’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

1. Butternut squash soup is so passé. Try Acorn Squash Soup with Cumin and Curry Leaf.

2. Slice up that butternut squash instead and make a pastry.

3. It’s a recipe for Sausage and Rapini Stew, but the squash pulls it all together.

4. Save the seeds and roast them. Or keep them for planting.

5. Pumpkin is a squash, and now it’s a flavour for a beer.

Photo by Flickr user x-eyedblonde, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Friday 5 – Great Summer Dishes from the Blogosphere

25 Jul

By Chris Garbutt

1. How about grilled rapini? Or as others call it, broccoli rabe.

2. Watermelon feta salad, anyone?

3. Are you ready for spaghetti squash?

4. For dessert, how about a chocolate-cardamom sorbet? (Liquid nitrogen is optional).

5. Or, for something a little simpler, a no-cook vanilla ice-cream.