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Book Review: 10 Reasons to Love Chocolate: A Healthy Passion

2 Jul

Chocolate: A Healthy Passion

by Shara Aaron and Monica Bearden

Prometheus Books

© 2008

336 pages (colour illustrations)

By Stephanie Dickison

1. A section on tasting chocolate is as seductive and educational as learning about wine, cheese or coffee.

2. The book discusses actual brands of chocolate, which means you can read about the types, choose the one that suits you best and then go out and get it! Just think – you could be having a whole new luscious type of chocolate in a matter of moments or mere hours! Mmm.

3. The last section includes family recipes, whose ingredient lists is sure to cause a frenzy. And their names – Better Than Sex Cake # 1 (there’s 2)!

4. The book is set up that you can read it cover to cover, read only the sections you want or skim the entire thing, making notes as you go along.

5. It includes a great recipe for Mole Sauce. If you’ve never had it, I highly recommend it.

6. There are fantastic breakdowns of what antioxidants and flavanols are and how to get them. And yes, you can get both by eating chocolate – hooray!

7. Reading “Turning Cacao into Chocolate” gives you the knowledge that most chocolate fiends don’t have and you can impress friends, neighbours and co-workers at the next party with your knowledge of cacao harvesting, fermenting and drying.

8. There are numerous chocolate soap recipes in Chapter Five. I know – how exciting! There’s also bath gel, lip balm, lip gloss and more! I think maybe this is something I should do for Christmas presents this year…

9. The colour photos will make even a non-sweet lover melt.

10. Chocolate is good for you – Chapter Four’s “The Latest and Greatest on Chocolate, Cocoa and Health” proves it!