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Friday 5 – A Brief Random Blogroll

26 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

1. Can slow roasted tomatoes take you to heaven? Try it yourself.

3. Who has the best beer in the Canada? Check out the results of the Canadian Beer Awards.

4. Have you had edamame at home? You must. Here are some tips.

5. James Chatto of Toronto Life fame considers the future of cuisine in Toronto.

They’re just a little more honest about it than we are…

24 Sep

From the Walrus: restaurants in Korea are much less squeamish than their North American counterparts about advertising what you’ll be eating.

Friday 5 – Squash

19 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

Stephanie and I liked the Fall Foods 5 post so much, I thought I’d offer some more, with a focus on squash. It’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

1. Butternut squash soup is so passé. Try Acorn Squash Soup with Cumin and Curry Leaf.

2. Slice up that butternut squash instead and make a pastry.

3. It’s a recipe for Sausage and Rapini Stew, but the squash pulls it all together.

4. Save the seeds and roast them. Or keep them for planting.

5. Pumpkin is a squash, and now it’s a flavour for a beer.

Photo by Flickr user x-eyedblonde, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Fear of Fat

18 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

The Globe and Mail offers an excerpt from Jennifer McLagan’s new book, Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient:

We need to rethink our relationship with fat. After decades of low-fat propaganda, most of what we think we know about fat just isn’t true:

All animal fats are saturated. Wrong.

Eating fat makes us fat. Wrong.

A low-fat diet is good for us. Wrong.

Since humans made their first fire, fat has been an important cooking medium. Fat is critical to the flavour of our food: without it, meat has no real taste. In addition, without marbling and external fat to baste and tenderize them, lean meats become tough and dry as you cook them. Many aromas and flavours are soluble only in fat, so unless you use fat in your cooking, they are not released.

Sign me up for a copy! I’ve long been suspicious of people who look for a demon ingredient to cut out of their diet. Fat remains the #1 devil, but it wasn’t that long ago (though it seems like the dark ages) that carbs were the trendy thing to avoid. I’m sure protein will get its turn…

Well, my mother’s advice of variety and moderation still holds true as far as I’m concerned (and you can add balance to that). And that’s true whether you’re just someone who wants to eat well, or if you’re an extreme athlete.

Friday 5 – Beets!

11 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

Before we get too deeply into the fall, let’s take a look at the red sensation — beets.

1. A recipe for Beetroot and Potato Salad.

2. Keep it simple: a Beet & Chevre Salad.

3. Nothing better than borscht: Svalbard Beet Soup with Goose Stock.

4. Try it raw: Grated Carrots & Beets.

5. Make it pink: Beet Gnocchi.

Photo by Flickr user Ayala Moriel used under a Creative Commons Licence. Check out her beet salad recipe.

Monday Review: Grow Organic

8 Sep

Grow Organic

Made with Care – DK Publishing

By Stephanie Dickison

Organic produce is unbelievably in demand, so why not grow your own?  This book gives you the lowdown on how to get plump, juicy heirloom tomatoes, but also adds in helpful advice to growing organic herbs and plants and even flowers.

I shared this book with my Dad who has a plentiful garden in the backyard.  Full of peppers, onions, herbs and cukes, he was able to implement some of these methods to his ongoing crop and said that he’ll change some of the things he’s doing in the next planting, which I think happens sometime in October.

And even though I was born without a green thumb, I found the instructions easy to follow, the advice incredibly helpful and the layout of the book clean and friendly.  And I’m not even a gardener!  Just imagine how much you’ll get out of it…

The Made with Care line is a “cleaner, greener book,” made with “the most ethical and environmental processes we could source.”

Friday 5 – Top Posts of the Summer

5 Sep

By Chris Garbutt

It’s been a fun summer of blogging here at Pan Magazine. Here are our five most popular links of the last four months:

1. A Capital Berry – My love letter to strawberries in season.

2. Five Delicious Newfoundland Dishes – A selection of the best from the rock.

3. Ten Reasons to Love Chocolate: A Healthy Passion – One of our favourite books this summer, on an ingredient we can enjoy year-round.

4. Magic Gnocchi Night – An Argentinian tradition.

5. Eat Local, Save the Environment a Little – Turns out red meat is more environmentally damaging than food that comes from thousands of miles away.